College Wide Patient Centered Medical Home



The college wide PCMH seeks to design an integrative and collaborative, patient centered, curriculum that will lay the foundation for training medical and dental students and residents on the six components the curriculum.

  1. Enhances access and continuity of care;
  2. Identifies and manages patient chronic illnesses;
  3. Plans and manages care through team-based services;
  4. Patient self-care support and community resources;
  5. Population Health Management; and
  6. Continuous Quality Improvement




 Patricia Matthews-Juarez, Ph.D., Project Director (PCMH)
Vice President, Faculty Affairs & Development, President Immed Office
Meharry Medical College
(615) 327-6718

 Natalie Fleming, MBA, Director of Practice Management (PCMH)
Family and Community Medicine
Meharry Medical College
(615) 327-5854

 Cherae Farmer-Dixon, D.D.S. Dean, School of Dentistry, SOD Dean Immed Office

 Millard Collins, M.D. Associate Project Director (PCMH)
Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine

Susanne Tropez, M.D., MPH, FAAP Master Teacher (PCMH)
Professor Department of Pediatrics and Associate Dean of Clinical Affiliation

 Medhat Kalliny, M.D. Assistant Professor, Family & Community Medicine Residency Director Module Liaison (PCMH)

Machelle Thompson, R.D.H., M.S.P.H. Assoc. Professor, Director Compliance and Safety, Dental Public Health

 Xylina Bean, M.D. Associate Project Director (PCMH)
Chair and Professor, Department of Pediatrics Medicine

 Duane Smoot, M.D. Associate Project Director (PCMH)
Chair and Professor, Department of Internal Medicine

Paul Juarez, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair of Research, Director,
Division of Primary Care Training Research,
Department of Family and Community Medicine, School of Medicine
Phone: 615.327.6692        Email:

Renee Frazier, MHSA, FACHE. Principal Consultant (PCMH)
Retired Health Care Executive



Natalie Fleming
Zuay Thompson
Foster Williams, MSW
Linda Redd, MSPH
Natalie Stevenson
Tiffinie Zellars, RN, MSN, MSPH