Community Engagement Core


The Community Engagement Core (CEC) facilitates equitable collaborative and sustainable relationships between Center investigators and core community stakeholders, including academic, clinical, public and environmental health, consumer, and policy audiences to facilitate the translation and dissemination of research findings into clinical and public health interventions, programs, and policies. Research translation and dissemination activities are designed to: 1) enhance prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease; 2) improve the provision of tailored, quality health care; and 3) promote health equity and reduce disparities.



  1. Establish sustainable collaborations between researchers and community stakeholders to ensure that relevant, contextually appropriate research is conducted.
  2. Support one Translating Research into Practice (TRIP) Fellowship each year to develop the range of skills needed for career leadership in research translation.
  3. Coordinate translation and dissemination activities with academic organizations, public and environmental health organizations, community members, and policymakers.
  4. Establish a Community of Practice Committee (CoPC) to promote the widespread dissemination of research findings that support improvements in care for vulnerable populations at risk of cardio-metabolic diseases among clinical providers.




Paul D. Juarez, PhD, co-director
Meharry Medical College
Phone: 615 327-6992

Wansoo Im, PhD, co-director
Meharry Medical College
Phone: 615.327.5817

Committee Members:

Aramandla Ramesh, PhD
Darryl Hood, PhD
Charles Mouton, MD
Cynthia Colen, PhD
Mohammad Al-Hamdan, PhD