Data Analysis Core


The DAC provides technical support on research design and computational and statistical analysis to all PPG investigators and pilot project investigators. The DAC ensures the computational and bio-statistical needs of Center investigators are met. DAC aims are:



 Aim 1. Provide graph-theoretical algorithms for heterogeneous data integration and analysis.

Aim 2. Provide robust statistical modeling methods appropriate for the use in CMD research.

Aim 3. Provide cumulative risk analysis for the development, interpretation, and translation of cumulative risk scores for CMD.



Michael Langston, PhD, co-director
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Tennessee,
Phone: (865) 974-3534

Mohammad Tabatabai, PhD, co-director
Graduate Studies and Research, Meharry Medical College
Phone: 615.327.6622


Data Analysis Committee

Michael Langston, PhD, University of Tennessee
Mohammad Tabatabai, PhD, Meharry Medical College
Patricia Cifuentes, PhD, PAHA/WHO
Aramandla Ramesh, PhD, Meharry Medical College
Darryl Hood, PhD, the Ohio State University
Charles Mouton, MD, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston
Marcel Yotebieng, PhD, the Ohio State University
Cynthia Colen, PhD, the Ohio State University
Mohammad Al-Hamdan, PhD, Universities Space Research Association
John Reichard, PhD, University of Cincinnati