National Library of Medicine/ENHIP




NLM/ENHIP encourages and supports all types of health information outreach and this year wants to focus on the use of environmental health data with community and campus stakeholders.



(1) Educate and train health professionals,

(2) Conduct basic and applied research in disciplines pertinent to biomedicine, health services, health care, and health disparities, and

(3) Engage in community, public, and professional services.




Paul D. Juarez, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair of Research, Director, Health Disparities Research Center of Excellence
Department of Family and Community Medicine, School of Medicine
Phone: 615.327.6692        Email:

Wansoo Im, PhD, Data Manager, Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Phone: 615.327.5817        Email:




With support from NLM/ENHIP have been established as part of the larger African American health professions pipeline initiative of Meharry Medical College targeting public school students. This has been made possible by incorporating teacher participation into all of the activities and by developing relationships between the teachers, school and community librarians, and MMC faculty, and Metro Public health officials. Teachers worked in collaboration with MMC faculty and the MMC librarian and with public health officials in creating the curriculum, the products and learning skills such as PPGIS and Word Press.

Zika Virus Project. The overall goal of this project was to engage middle school students and their parents, along with teachers, librarians, environmental public health faculty, Meharry health professions students, and public health officials in a coordinated effort to identify and eradicate mosquito breeding sites to control the spread of the Zika virus in Nashville/Davidson County. This project is being conducted by faculty in the Health Disparities Research Center of Excellence at Meharry in collaboration with the National Community Mapping Institute, students enrolled in health professions educational programs at Meharry School of Medicine (School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, and the Masters in Science in Public Health program), the Meharry librarian, Metro Nashville Libraries, four middle school teachers, and officials from the Metro Nashville Health Department. It will target 108 middle school students at two Metro Nashville Public Middle Schools: Creswell and Haynes. It also will engage middle school teachers, parents, and health professions students from Meharry Medical College.

Safe Routes to School Project. This project will educate middle school students about how to access and use data identifying safe routes to school and to neighborhood public libraries to affect public policy: what does safety mean, how is it used, what are its health effects, and how it can be used by the majority who need this information. Students will be taught how to access secondary data from NLM websites and collect primary data using public participatory GIS methods. We will partner with local libraries, the librarian at each of the two public middle schools (Haynes MS and Creswell MS) in the Nashville/Davidson County Public School District. Both are located in North Nashville, a largely low income, African American community.