National Community Mapping Institute (NCMI)

NCMI seeks to promote the use of community mapping, data visualization, and citizen science to address health disparities. The NCMI has engaged students in local schools to use public participatory geographic information systems to map potential mosquito grounds and safe routes to school. It also supports an annual Public Health Hackathon that brings together computer programmers and public health personnel to work together to identify local public health concerns and strengthen the local public health response.

Contact: Wansoo Im, PhD
Director, National Community Mapping Center
Department of Family & Community Mapping
Phone: 615.327.5817


Interactive Mapping Memphis (

The IMMemphis website was established to provide easy access to data about health outcomes and environmental conditions and exposures which shape behaviors and access to resources and opportunities and have been shown to result in health disparities. The website was designed to provide access to data can be used by community partners to identify problems and generate solutions which will lead to a healthier Memphis.


Haynes Middle School students engage in community mapping of mosquito breeding sites to control the spread of Zika Virus in North Nashville (5/2017)

Community Mapping Public Health Hackathon: Storytelling with Government Data (3/18/2017) 

Engaging Creswell Middle School students in citizen science to prevent and control the spread of the Zika Virus in north Nashville (3/13/2017)

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