Public Health Exposome Data


The HDRCOE has curated a data set on environmental exposures, personal behaviors, and health outcomes that include over 30,000 measures. Data consist of:

Natural Environment.

  • Climate, weather, and natural resources that affect human survival and economic activity. It includes exposures from the air, water, and land that humans interact with on a daily basis.

Built Environment.

  • Physical characteristics of places we live, work and play (e.g., homes, buildings, streets, open spaces, and infrastructure) as well as patterns and types of development, building location and design, and transportation infrastructure in communities, that can have a direct or indirect impact on health.

Social Environment.

  • Conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live, and age and are shaped by social/cultural norms, economic and employment policies and systems, the distribution of money, power, and resources, and political systems.

Policy Environment.

  • Federal, state, and local laws and regulations that have a direct or indirect impact on health behaviors and health outcomes.

Health Measures.

  • Health behaviors, access, insurance, and morbidity and mortality.

PM2.5 and Heat Metrics Data.

  • High resolution, daily PM2.5 capture at 3-km grid and 1-km, heat exposure products for the period 2002-2016 for twelve southern states.